outreach & EVENTS

I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and making sure this a career path possible for everyone. Outreach is essential in doing this – it brings research to people who could be otherwise unaware, fights the unhelpful ‘lone genius’ stereotype, and (when done right) is really exciting!

    Here are a selection of in-person and online outreach activities that I have organised and taken part in. For written, digital and published content or podcasts, see here instead.

    • PolarECC: Polar Early Career Conference, 5-6th May 2021 – a conference for anyone passionate about polar research, aiming to give early career researchers (anyone within seven years of finishing their PhD, excluding career breaks) a platform to share their research and explore career options. Flo Atherden and I head a committee of 12 in the organisation of this conference.

    • Antarctica Day Quiz: 1st December 2020. I hosted a quiz with a team of others from the UKPN, reaching 50 members of the public. We used the Kahoot and Zoom platforms.

    • Polar Pint of Science 2020 (cancelled). Three simultaneous events were planned for the 19th of March 2020, although we decided to cancel the week before due to the global pandemic. I was heading the organisation of the event in Bristol. Originally we planned for this to be postponed, but it was not possible to do so in the same format due to the ongoing situation.

    • Science Outreach in Schools Webinar: 17th March 2020. This webinar featured a speaker working in science outreach and a teacher, to give the two contrasting perspectives. I lead the organisation of the event, created the media and dealt with the technical side. If you’d like a recording of this event, please contact me.

    • Careers Day talk at Wyvern College, Eastleigh: 2nd March 2020.

    • School assemblies at Hampstead School, London: 5th February 2020.

    • University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) open house: 25th – 26th October 2019. In an event organised by SOEST, I talked to the public about zooplankton around the island of Oahu and assisted children in using microscopes to view some live samples.

    • World of Art and Music Festival (WOMAD): 25th – 28th July 2019. Through the UKPN, I organised a team to travel to WOMAD festival in Wilshire. This is not a science festival, so the 40,000 attendees were likely to be different from the usual people targetted by science outreach. We used games and experiments to highlight the unique and fragile nature of the Arctic Ocean and to show how the poles are important globally due to their albedo effect and as part of the ocean conveyor. We ran two events in the ‘World of Physics’, one a drop-by session using our ecosystem Jenga and 3D polar maps, the other a workshop named ‘The Forgotten Worlds’. I estimate that we had about 2000 interactions during the festival.

    • Southampton Science and Engineering Festival (SOTSEF): 16th March 2019. I organised a collaboration between the Changing Arctic Ocean and the UKPN, creating a team and providing outreach activities in an event called ‘Polar Puzzles: A system on thin ice’.

    • Polar Pint of Science 2018: 21st March 2018. I spoke at the Southampton Polar Pint of Science event, talking to a packed bar about my PhD research.

    • Between September 2018 and September 2019: I arranged 9 school visits and helped to coordinate 11 classes from 9 schools to write letters to polar pen pals we assigned them. This was part of my role as co-coordinator of Education and Outreach for the UKPN.

    outreach media and event photos

    I enjoy design, so I usually create advertisements, flyers and logos for our events. Here are a selection and some photos from the events I organised too. If you’re looking for more formal outputs, see here for a list of publications and press.