For peer reviewed material only:

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  • A policy report, 2019, presenting the context for and key results from a project funded by the Newton Ungku Omar Fund focused on water quality and sustainable livelihoods in Sarawak, Borneo. Written and assembled by me and supervised by Richard Sanders, with input from the principal investigators and Nicola Willey from the British High Commission in Singapore.
  • I contributed a section – Life Under The Microscope – to a science communication map produced by the British Antarctic Territory and the UK Natural Environment Research Council Arctic Office. Take a look here.
  • In March 2019 I was invited to speak on a podcast ThinkArctic by GCI, exploring the issues facing the Arctic and its stakeholders. Listen on Spreaker here (currently 172 downloads), Soundcloud here (currently 35) or Spotify here.
  • Jenkins, H. E. (2019) ‘Vegan at Sea-gan: The Arctic Ocean’ The Arctic Institute: Breaking the Arctic’s Ice Ceiling. Available at This series of commentaries, articles, and multimedia posts highlighted women living or working in the Arctic with the aim of empowering the voices of women researchers, scientists and local champions.
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