Professional Committees

UK Polar Network: Vice president (Sept 2020 – Aug 2021)

  • Vice president of the UK branch of the Association of Early Career Scientists (APECS), with over 400 members
  • Supporting the new co-presidents
  • Working with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team
  • Organising the Polar Early Careers Conference

UK Polar Network: President (Sept 2019 – Aug 2020)

  • Coordinating a 22 member committee
  • Delivering the project ‘Discovering the poles: connecting the UK to Antarctica‘, which includes two festivals, 17 school visits, 323 pupil-drawn flags sent to Antarctica, and three Pint of Science events. For a full report, see here.
  • Funding applications (2/2 successful)
  • Development of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team

UK Polar Network: Co-head of education & outreach (Sept 2018 – Aug 2019)

  • Coordinating outreach team and activities (Polar Pen Pals, school visits)

UK Polar Network: Science festivals coordinator (Sept 2018 – Aug 2019)

  • Organising two Polar outreach events at festivals: Southampton Science and Engineering Festival 2019 and WOMAD 2019.
  • Activities and experiments included Ecosystem Jenga, ocean circulation demonstrations, and cloud formation.

Marine Life Talk committee – (Sept 2013 – 2019)

  • Organising guest lectures for the public at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.
  • Contacting potential speakers, accommodating and introducing guests, and recording lectures

Marine Biogeochemistry Journal Club committee – (2018 – 2019)