Vegan at Sea Again!

You may have heard that soon there will again be an awkward eater terrorising the chefs on the RRS James Clark Ross. For this weekend, I will again bounce onto the ship to continue my tirade of ‘does that contain milk?’, ‘no tasty cake for me thanks’, and ‘WHO’S EATEN ALL THE GINGER NUTS?!’.

I’m going to repeat the experiments I did last year, but I’m not trying to replicate them. The time of year is very different, as this is diapause time. There might not be many egg laying adults at all – we’ll see. It will also be interesting to see how different the microplankton food for the copepods is with the couple of month’s difference.

Life cycle of the Calanoid Copepod
Life cycle of the calanoid copepod. Although there are a lot of overlapping life cycles of the individual copepods, the majority of successful ones have life cycles that match up with the spring and summer phytoplankton blooms.

For a more scientific and wider approach to the happenings on board, check out our science outreach site

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