Part 2.1 – The vegan is gone

We’re off again, quite a lot later than planned (of course). We said goodbye to sunny Aberdeen yesterday with a swim and a run along the beach, hopped aboard, and were serenaded off by a lone dolphin.

I am quickly realising that I used all my best vegan related puns last year, so I’m going to have to switch to some other form of vague humour. No ideas there though.The crew were unaware of all dietary requirements this year, which was a little bit stressful but they seem to have sorted out the issue and meals have been smooth. I now remember the vast quantities at every meal, and already my day is revolving around the times when these piles of food magically appear in front of me. Not cooking is greaaaaat.

We lashed our microscopes and filtration rigs down securely (I say securely, but who actually knows how to do those special knots?), and we’re steaming for the next few days, so this is the chilled part. We’ll run through our science plan and try to get some work done, but otherwise it’ll be sitting around drinking coffee and doing puzzles. Oh, and playing darts, surprisingly. Darts on a ship that’s all about safety? Flying metal, unpredictable swaying motion… The wall has lots of holes in it now.

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