Part 2.2 – ORCA!

Just now I was working in the lounge when the phone rang. ‘Orca, port side’, announced the ship’s doctor. The instant the words are out of her mouth, there’s a dash for all the exits. I’ve never seen so many scientists move so fast. Within moments, we reach the outer door, but it’s there that I realise that I‘d left my shoes behind (completely forbidden, I was just getting comfy on the sofa). I turn back in a mad panic, careening back through the corridors and straight into Derek, the senior steward. Poor Derek had no idea what was going on, I just whisper-shouted a jumble of ‘sorry’ and ‘orca’ into his stunned face and carried on with my sprint. Sorry Derek.

Finally out on deck, just in time. An orca breached, it’s tall fin making it easily distinguishable. The pod didn’t come too close, but we saw plenty more fins before we left them behind. Someone even managed to see an eyepatch. So cool, still haven’t calmed down from the excitement. The talk I have to give to the other scientists at 2pm will probably sober me up a bit though.

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